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What is Electrobiology?

High Tension Power Lines

High Tension Power Lines

Electrobiology studies the effects of exposure to man-made EMR/EMFs (electromagnetic radiation/fields) on the human body. The proliferation of EMFs worldwide; from cell phones, wireless technologies, computers, TVs, and microwave ovens, etc., has created an electric smog that is becoming hard to escape.

Our landscapes are littered with cell phone masts and power lines that crisscross our once pristine countryside. What effect is this having on our health? This is something that has been studied for more that 40 years and the answer is – not good.

“We are electrical beings having a spiritual experience”
– Jeannie Tower

Our bodies are made up of a web of various electromagnetic frequencies; therefore, we truly are electrical beings. Our brain wave frequencies range from approximately .5 Hz – 30 Hz* (hertz).

Human Brainwave Frequencies
Delta – .3-3.5 Hz
Theta – 4-7 Hz
Alpha – 8-13 Hz
Beta – 14-30 Hz

1 Hz (hertz) = 1 cycle/second
1 KHz (kilohertz) = 1,000 Hz
1 MHz (megahertz) = 1,000,000 Hz
1 GHz (gigahertz) – 1,000,000,000 Hz

Household wiring is at 60 Hz in the US and 50Hz in the UK. That is almost twice as fast as the human body, but for the most part, we have evolved and adapted to those frequencies. However, cell phones and wireless home phones range from 900 MHz (megahertz) to 5.3 GHz (gigahertz). You can see from the chart above that gigahertz (GHz) is one billion cycles/second… this is far from any frequency in the human body.

The earth’s electromagnetic field, the Schumann wave, ranges from 7.5 – 7.8 Hz, which almost directly corresponds to the frequency of human Theta and Alpha brainwaves. This frequency is healing and aligned with our own, however, because of our lack of exposure to nature, where we can absorb the earth’s frequency, combined with our increasing exposure to higher man-made EMF frequencies results in a disruption in our bodies electrical system. That disruption can deplete your vitality and manifest in ill health.

Feng Shui and EMFs
As I mentioned in the section on Feng Shui, we have many modern day influences, such as EMFs, that were not an issue even 100 years ago. We need to consider these influences when applying Feng Shui in our homes.

High Tension Power Lines

High Tension Power Lines

For example, the Form School of Feng Shui (the original) defines a commanding position for a bed as one with a solid wall behind and a wide view of the entrance – preferably not aligned with the door. It is usually the area diagonally across the room from the door.

In the Classical/Traditional School of Feng Shui there are formulas to calculate your personal directions and these directions are often used to place your bed or desk, if it is practical and reasonable to do so, otherwise we always default to the form school placement. However there are other things to consider with both of these placement principles.

EMFs penetrate all building materials, cement, drywall, brick and metal. Because of this, we always need to consider what is on the other side of the wall from where your bed is going to be placed or is currently placed. This may be an internal wall of your apartment/home, an external wall to the outside or one that you share with a neighbor. Should there be a TV, Computer or other office equipment and/or a refrigerator etc. on that wall then placing your bed there will expose you to very high EMFs.

What is on the other side of the wall from your bed should be the first consideration when doing Feng Shui, if that corresponds to either of the principles above then that’s icing on the cake. Electrical equipment in the bedroom should also be placed as far away from your bed as possible. Click here for research on magnetic field exposure and children.

Reducing Your Exposure
Listed below are some simple ways to reduce your exposure to man-made EMFs
• Get rid of your microwave oven
• Remove all electrical appliances from the bedroom- TV, Computer, etc.
• Use a battery alarm clock.
• Avoid electric blankets.
• Turn TVs off at the set, not by remote.
• Make sure you know what is on the other side of the wall from the head of your bed or any other location where you spend a lot of time.
• Avoid fluorescent lighting of any kind.
• Keep cell phone use to an absolute minimum. Use a headset
• Never use a laptop on your lap
• Avoid wireless routers or at least turn them off at night
• Replace wireless home phones with corded ones or 900MHz analog

EMF Testing
As part of every Feng Shui consultation I test around your bed and other areas where you spend a lot of time and consider EMF exposure when making recommendations about placement.

If abnormal readings are detected, additional testing will be recommended at an additional cost, otherwise, I will recommend that you reduce your exposure by following the recommendations listed above and other alternative remedies.