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Jeannie-TowerJeannie Tower, BBEI, CPIA, EFT-CC is a Feng Shui and Interior Alignment Consultant, Building Biologist and Electro-biologist who specializes in creating energetically aligned, vibrant, eco-friendly homes and work spaces.

Since 1995, Jeannie has consulted, taught and written on the topic of indoor environments and how they affect our spiritual, mental and physical health.

Ms. Tower integrates Feng Shui and Interior Alignment with eco-friendly design and building biology principles into a holistic and synergistic process of energy alignment.

Through her consulting Jeannie works with her clients to uncover and shape their life’s focus, regain their vitality, and awaken the spirit of their homes.

Feng Shui Teaching
pic_boliviaMs. Tower taught at First Class in Washington D.C. for 13 years and has taught classes in London and Bolivia. She has published articles in Pathways MagazineNatural AwakeningsEco-Dwell and The Feng Shui Society Journal. During Jeannie’s years of practicing Feng Shui she has appeared on Channels 4 and 7, in the Washington Times, Washington Post and USA Today.

Ms. Tower has been a speaker at several International Feng Shui Conferences. She is a seasoned presenter and educator whose years of experience, wisdom and wit make these topics easy to understand and assimilate. Her students and clients gain invaluable knowledge, insight and an eagerness to apply what they have learned.

pic_mousepadIn addition to her busy Feng Shui practice, Jeannie is an innovator and artist whose inspiration comes from daily meditation and Qi Gong practice. She is the creator of the original Ba-Gua mouse pad and has worked with neon sculpture, creating one-of-a- kind whimsical pieces.



pic_neonsink1Blessed with the gift of the Monkey personality, Jeannie’s passion for life, learning and creative expression has enabled her to live a life full of joy, freedom, excitement and ease. Her vision is to help people align their life energy with their space, so they to can live their dreams.

“Not only can your home help to strengthen and heal you, but your home can be a template of harmony within which you and all who enter, can be invited to step up to a higher level of spiritual frequency.”
– Denise Linn, Sacred Space.

My vision
My vision is to expand my client’s awareness about their space, what it represents in their lives, and its affect on their mind, body and spirit. I will provide them with the tools, knowledge and coaching to support them in aligning their life goals and aspirations by awakening the spirit of their homes.

I use an intuitive and organic approach to Feng Shui backed by years of training and experience in the Form, Intuitive, Black Hat and Classical schools along with other disciplines such as building biology, electro-biology, earth acupuncture, dowsing, space clearing and energy balancing.

The fusion of these disciplines is an integrated system of design solutions that support health and longevity, harmony and happiness, joy and abundance.

I focus on listening to you, your personal and family processes to determine the most effective way to integrate Feng Shui into your life. I will guide you in applying the principles of Feng Shui and encourage your creativity and input in designing the cures and enhancements to be congruent with your personal, energetic and decorative style.

I emphasize that Feng Shui is an unfolding, transformational process.

To make an appointment for a Feng Shui Consultation please contact me.