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Space Clearing

Space clearing for homes

Space clearing for homes

What is Space Clearing?
Space Clearing is ancient ritual used to clear, balance and/or eliminate discordant, predecessor, old and stagnant energies from your environment. In this context it does not mean spring cleaning, however, that is a modern type of space clearing.

Shaman Clearing Ritual

Shaman Clearing Ritual

Most indigenous cultures practice some sort of space clearing rituals on a regular basis. For example, the one that many people are familiar with is smudging, used by Native Americans in their rituals to harmonize their surroundings. In South America, Asia and India, Shamans perform space clearing rituals for health, family prosperity and abundant harvests.

Ritual is used to focus intention, call in nature’s spirits or ancient guides and gods and engage with the surroundings. It is believed that when nature’s powers are harnessed through intentional ritual and ceremony there will be protection for the village, crops and land.

Today we live in a complicated, stressful world where the consciousness of inner and world peace is being overpowered by fear, war and discord. Regularly clearing these energies and intentionally balancing the energy in your home can create harmony for you and your family.

“In Ancient times humans were intimately attuned to the environment for their most immediate and basic survival, and a type of innate wisdom prevailed: a wisdom that honored the sacredness of the Earth, and recognized the importance of humans maintaining harmonious relationship through rituals and ceremonies. These rituals were intended to balance the energies of one’s environment.”
– Christan Hummel – Space Clearing Kit

Many different tools can be used for a space clearing. Bells, drums, sage, clapping, salt, tuning forks and essential oils are just a few that can be used during any clearing or balancing ceremony. I let my intuition guide me as to which tools are best used for each client’s situation.

If you would like to learn more, I teach an introductory class on Space Clearing at First Class, in Washington D.C. For more information please contact me.

The Benefits of Space Clearing
There are so many positive benefits experienced from regular space clearing and energy balancing. First and foremost you will feel light, joyful and at peace. Depending upon your specific situation and intention you can also experience:

  • improved sleep
  • more harmony in relationships
  • better finances
  • more butterflies and less insects
  • and an increase in your energy levels.

When Do You Need Space Clearing?

  • when moving into a new house
  • at transitional times in your life, for example after a divorce, or death
  • when preparing for a new relationship or baby.
  • to clear predecessor energies left over from previous occupants of your home.
  • aid in healing from an illness and to ward off colds.

Depending upon your intention, doing a ceremony to energetically imprint that intention can be a powerful way to manifest your desires.

Professional Space Clearing Services
I have been providing space clearing and energy balancing services since 1996 following my intensive training with Denise Linn. In addition to Denise’s training I also practice earth acupuncture and dowsing techniques.

Interior Alignment Class - 1996

Interior Alignment Class – 1996

Depending on your situation and intention a clearing can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and is done on site or remotely. I begin by setting up an altar of my tools, then I meditate and ask for guidance on the best way to proceed and which tools to use.

After opening the doors and windows I move through your home, holding your intention in my heart, clearing the energy. When completed I again sit in meditation seeking any additional guidance that may be needed. If all is clear then I conclude the ceremony and ask you to anchor the new energy with a gift to yourself like flowers, a crystal or a candle.

To schedule a Space Clearing/Energy Balancing Consultation