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Tree Spirit

For thousands of years people have found inspiration and strategies for living healthy and fulfilling lives by being in tune with the Tao. Taoism offers a unique perspective, a frame of reference within which to live. This point of view is different from how we usually look at things.

“Taoism is a way of life based on rhythm and flux, on the natural harmony of nature. It tends to the unconventional, and exhibits a freedom-loving detachment from material things. Its product is the poet, the artist, the metaphysician, the mystic, all of them light-hearted and given to laughter”
Michael Page – The Power of Chi

pic_taoism2Those new to Taoism might have difficulty understanding Taoist concepts and ways of thinking because these ideas are different from the Western frame of reference. But you can add the Taoist perspective and all the new possibilities it brings as a supplement to your life.

Nature and the natural way are the wellsprings of Tao. By understanding the ways of nature and our own human nature, you discover Tao.

The Chinese recognized thousands of years ago that life is continually undergoing transformation. They expressed this in a book called the I Ching, The Book of Changes. The I Ching includes many Taoist ideas, primarily among them is the idea of simplicity.

“The good that lies in the easy and the simple makes it correspond to the highest kind of existence.”
(I Ching, Wilhelm 1995,24). Simpkins And Simpkins – Tao in Ten

“The original form of Taoism is sometimes called philosophical Taoism or classical Taoism. For many centuries Taoism was an informal way of life, a way followed by peasant, farmer and gentleman philosopher and artist. It was a way of deep reflection and of learning from Nature, considered the highest teacher. Followers of the Way studied the stars in the heavens and the energy that lies deep within the earth. They meditated upon the energy flow within their own bodies and mapped out the roads and paths it traveled upon.”
– Eva Wong

“A Taoist is one who seeks to live as closely in accord as possible with nature. When nature is taken as the guide, a friend, living becomes almost effortless, tranquil, joyous even.  Serenity takes over.”
– Blofeld -Taoism The Road to Immortality

“…a unique and extremely interesting combination of philosophy and religion, incorporating also ‘proto’ science and magic.”
– Joseph Needham