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Feng Shui For Homes

Feng shui is a living language of the relationship between people and their environment. It’s function is to create healthy, comfortable, supportive and practical environments for working and living. Feng Shui is an empowering tool that embodies meaningful beauty and creativity. It helps with direction, clarity and energy.

As people seek to simplify and balance their lives through yoga, diet, acupuncture, meditation, etc they often miss the effect their homes have on their wellbeing.

The energy (chi) of your home and/or office affects every area of your life on a daily basis. Therefore using Feng Shui to align your home’s energy with other areas of your life becomes an essential part of achieving wholistic health and success.

My purpose is to consult, teach and write about the connection between our environments and our mental, spiritual and physical health. My approach goes beyond the popular trendy aspects of Feng Shui by integrating eastern andwestern knowledge and wisdom with leading edge technologies (Building Biology, EFT, EMF, Space Clearing) into a wholistic system of energy alignment and design for your specific needs.

Jeannie Tower, BBEI, CPIA, EFT-CC


“The bedroom and office were my two top priorities. It is incredible how things have changed in the last 6 months! I cant thank you enough for all your time and guidance! I am so excited about Feng Shui. I still have a lot to do but the results so far have been fantastic. The most dramatic change that has gone really well is my relationship with my husband and family. Our relationship is better, our family relationship is better and getting better all the time, we seem to be more in tune with each other, happier and less grumpy!!!
– Karen, Feng Shui Clients, Washington, DC