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I’m giving a talk at the 8th Feng Shui Society Conference, London, UK on the 17th May 2014

THE Art of Feng Shui [Lite] – Jeannie Tower (USA)
In these times of information overload, Steve Jobs said “Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication”. Feng shui can get complex and complicated at times but it doesn’t have to be that way. This talk will help you to see feng shui in a new, fresh and crystal clear light. Like art, feng shui works best when it’s clear and simple – but, like art, it can still be profound as it works on many levels. Come and learn how to use feng shui to simplify your life and business, getting the results you want with simple and powerful feng shui solutions.

The 8th Feng Shui Society Conference, London, UK 17-18 May 2014

The 8th Feng Shui Society Conference, London, UK 17-18 May 2014

Feng Shui Energy Alignment

Teaching at First Class, Inc.

Teaching at First Class, Inc.

This exciting information packed workshop introduces you to the art of Feng Shui and how to use it as a tool to re-direct and re-energize your life and space. You will learn how art, furniture placement, colors and clutter affect your mind, body and spirit along with the easiest ways to make positive changes. You will be shown simple yet powerful Feng Shui design principles and cures that are used to align the energy (chi) in your home, create a new vibrant feeling and support your life’s aspirations. This truly is a new paradigm for success, abundance and health!

“I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s class and I want to thank you for preparing such a stimulating class. I came away with so many great ideas and plan to put them into action!!” – Nora

Space Clearing/Sacred Space
Smudging or Space Clearing describe ancient and secret rituals, which are performed to clear old vibrations or energy patterns embedded in your environment. These patterns of energy can be left over from previous tenants, illnesses, arguments, stress or even ghosts. In this workshop, you will learn a variety of powerful – but simple – techniques which you can use to clear old energy patterns and re-program new ones. Come and experience the energy and fun of smudging!

Emotional Freedom – An Introduction to EFT
Do your thoughts and emotions block you from creating the life you really desire? Do you think things like, “I could never own my own business,” “Im always struggling to pay my bills,” “My co-workers drive me crazy,”or “I’ll never find a partner.” These types of thoughts and beliefs create blocks and stress in your life. But there is hope, a way to eliminate them altogether….its called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Based upon the quantum science that all thoughts and beliefs are energy, EFT is a simple, amazingly effective self-help system that diffuses and transforms negative emotions, fears and limiting beliefs. By tapping on certain areas of the body you can release the energy associated with any thought or belief that is blocking your desire. During this class you will be introduced to the science behind EFT. We will cover the step by step tapping technique to use in any situation and you will see a demonstration of how easily it works. NOTE: This process is designed for personal development only and is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment.

“I will be looking for your new teaching schedule and enjoy having another learning experience – you are a very empowering teacher!”
– Linda