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Feng Shui Consulting

About Your Feng Shui Consultation
A professional consultation involves a visit to your home that lasts between 1 1/2 to 3 hours. As the application of feng shui has layers and layers, this initial visit will concentrate on the largest feng shui issues first, then progress from there.

Everyone’s home tells a story, and everyone’s story is different, therefore, no two consultations are the same, they are custom to each person and situation.

Most people that pursue Feng Shui are in a transition period in their lives. Often, their goal is to realign their life and begin attracting more of what they want into their lives. Designing a space with that intention is a very effective way to accomplish that goal.

The Benefits of a Professional Consultation

An objective analysis of your space:

  • Optimize your home/office for success and abundance
  • Improve your health and sleep
  • Create a feeling of renewal and optimism
  • Remove stagnant chi that may be blocking areas of your life
  • Clarify colors, reveal energetic patterns and improve placement
  • Proper balance of yin/yang energy
  • Discover and awaken the spirit of your home
  • Align you with beneficial chi and raise the vibrational field in your home through art, placement and cures

Through my years of experience I am able to determine, from your specific situation and intention, the best and most effective way to incorporate Feng Shui into your life. My recommendations will focus on aligning the energy to create harmony and congruency between your intentions and your space.

Feng Shui Principles

Listed below are some of the Feng Shui principles I use as a guide for analyzing the chi of your home:

  • the flow and containment of chi around and throughout your home
  • the positioning of furniture to change or improve the flow of chi
  • the proper application of yin/yang, five elements and lucky directions (where appropriate)
  • the use of color and lighting to balance the chi
  • the use of art and symbols to enhance the chi
  • testing around the bed for excessive electro-magnetic energy (if a problem is detected, additional testing will be recommended at an additional cost)
  • overlaying the ba-gua energy map on your house including identifying vulnerable areas, ways to adjust them and methods of enhancing the ba-gua and chi.

My recommendations are given verbally during the visit. I recommend that you also take notes or tape the consultation so you can refer back to them as you go through the process of making changes.

All consultations include 1 hour of follow-up time (either on the phone or by email) within the first 3 months following the on-site consultation. Annual follow-up consultations are recommended.

As a result of what I see and feel at any location, other services such as energy clearing or geopathic stress detection may be recommended.

To make an appointment for a Personal Feng Shui Consultation please contact me.

“For some time I have been meaning to write to thank you
for all of your help this past winter. In particular, your input
into the design of the new office space was invaluable.”
– Ann, Feng Shui Client, Washington DC