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Growing Awareness of Natural Fractals

Scientific research has shown that when people see or hear fractal patterns like those found in nature, they are more relaxed and devote less mental energy to monitoring their environment. People experiencing natural fractals thus have more mental processing power available for valued activities such as being creative, monitoring details and interacting with others.

The experience of natural fractals has been shown to speed recovery from surgery and to increase office worker productivity. The research also shows that the use of natural fractals in an environment can improve memory while reducing stress. Fractals have been used intuitively by some of this century’s most well respected architects and artists including Frank Lloyd Wright and Jason Pollock.

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What is a fractal?
Trees, clouds, mountains and ferns are examples of fractals in nature. Take a branch from a tree or a frond from a fern and you will see it is a miniature replica of the whole. Not identical, but similar in nature. Same with cauliflower – the smaller individual pieces are miniatures of the whole.

For pictures of fractals in nature, click here.